Navigating Success: Our Proven Consultancy Approach

We offer extensive support covering every aspect from A to Z. Interventions ranging from single workshops to extended multi-month projects.

Make it clear

Understand what happens, why it happens – and  what we want to see happen

• Gain insight into what happens and why it happens through pricing analysis.
• Review current pricing practices, covering strategy, processes, data, tooling and people.
• Assess pricing maturity and develop an initiative roadmap

Make it real


Streamline and readjust pricing practices

• Adjust the pricing practices toward value based and market driven pricing policies, methods and processes, best fit for our client’s business.
• Review and redesign Commercial terms and rebates schemes.

Make it happen


• Identify key requirements for a pricing tool and support the implementation of the tool. 
• Embed the pricing logic into our Client’s system environment (CRM, ERP, more systems).
• Automate the data collection, aggregation, analytics, and insight generation processes to support :
1) More dynamic pricing decisions.
2) Price simulations and faster / more frequent price revisions.
3) Increased visibility on business performance through ad-hoc KPI’s, dashboards, analysis and reports.

Make it work & stick

Capability transfer / training the teams

• Gradually increase the capabilities and skillset of the sales / pricing operations.
• Learn the organization how to best work with the new combined toolset & what benefits it brings in the operations.
• Secure the organizational setup is adapted to the new ways of working and support the team in the day-to-day job.

Offering Tailored to Your Needs

We are specialised in supporting your pricing, revenue management and monetization roadmap – and implementation. 


Value based pricing

Economic Value Calculation

Spare parts pricing

Subscription based pricing

Dynamic pricing

Profit Optimization

Pricing analytics

Margin Optimisation

Floor/target price guidance

Discount/ surcharge policy

Portfolio consistency

Portfolio pruning


Profit strategy playbooks

Monetization subscriptions

Monetization innovations


Pricing maturity roadmaps

Value strategy deployment

Pricing workshops

Software introductions