About Us

We have a passion for pricing, revenue growth management and monetisation of innovations.   
Our approach is structured, human – and entrepreneurial in execution.  

In our work, we believe that a true collaborative relationship is the foundation and consider the transfer of our knowledge as the basis of our advisory work.

As process consultants, we tailor our approach to your organisation, speed and capabilities and ensure optimal knowledge transfer and embedding the associated change.

We measure our success at your success.

Our Values


We treat your business as it were our own


We take care to embed capabilities in your organisation


We bring energy – and inspiration – in every engagement


We believe in making things simple and actionable


We make it happen


We measure our success at your success

Page-37’s initiatives

Page-37 further advances additional initiatives with a specific functional or industry focus – explore the details below.


We’ve developed a cutting-edge SAAS solution dedicated to pricing analytics. Our goal is to empower clients with valuable data, ensuring they make optimal pricing decisions for sustained success.
Finally an affordable and easy-to-use platform to deliver true pricing insights, supplemented with our consultancy services on a free demand basis.


AgPricing is our consultancy work with a clear focus on the Agribusiness and sub-industries. We help various agriculture businesses to improve their profit through pricing excellence. We have experts coming from the Agri industry strengthening the PAGE-37 consultancy teams (Agri business leaders, agronomists, …). 

The People Behind Page-37

Björn Willemsens


Johan Plettinckx

Senior Consultant

Abhilash Sugunan

Senior Consultant

Frédéric Nguyen

Senior Consultant

Ofer Levi

Associate Partner

Timo Martis

Senior Consultant

Ilana Daiches

Senior Consultant

Panashe Bhumure


Subject Matter Experts to support our activities

Diana Coelho

Expert in Commercial Policy

Caroline Lartigolle

Expert in Change / Sales Enablement